Our strengths

The first principle of customer orientation

Due to choosing the best brands in the world, we have been able to get the most loyal customers compared to our competitors.

By attracting the best experts, we have been able to provide these best services to our customers

The second principle of customer orientation

We offer the best and longest guarantees to our customers to buy peace of mind

The third principle of customer orientation

We have proven the slogan of "cost once and for all" by providing the most after-sales service for our products

The fourth principle of customer orientation

Imen Bargh Pishro (IBP)
as an official representative of Various European products in Iran is serving so many clients in different segments  , At IBP we are looking to realize the best possible solutions for our partners, as we believe that working side-by-side offers the best chances to produce success-stories. Setting an example ourselves, we aim for a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

Introduction of our team


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Address:No. 30, 8th St., Ghaem Magham Farahani Ave., Tehran 1586853414



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