REMOTE HMI Firmware V6

The new version 6.0 of the REMOTE HMI firmware for Thin Clients from R. STAHL has been tailored to meet the current requirements for virtual network structures in the process industry. As a closed system based on WINDOWS 10 IoT, the firmware meets the highest security standards and supports all major protocols for remote control and process monitoring that are relevant in the fields of the industrial Internet of Things, virtualised server structures and cloud automation. The firmware can handle RDP and VNC with an automatic re-connect for fail-safe, flexible access to virtual, real or cloud-based workstations from each HMI station in hazardous as well as industrial areas.

Individual workstations that are not connected to the process network can be integrated via KVM-over-IP. The multi-monitor mode can be used to spread process information over up to six monitors. The automatic diagnosis function spots network or host failure and, depending on the available hardware, switches to back-up servers via the teaming function. In addition to pre-installed Windows Defender virus protection, a HORM and a UWF filter for drive protection and fast start of system files further protect system integrity. Individual USB ports can be locked or unlocked via USB lockdown.

The latest firmware version features a new option where all Thin Clients in the network can be configured, maintained and upgraded from a central workstation via the Remote HMI Device Manager. Central features such as network test, diagnosis functions or the establishment of remote connections are available in the main menu via one-click or one-touch. The expanded dashboard view shows basic system information such as basic settings, connection status and the activated user roles.

R. STAHL has adapted the new REMOTE HMI firmware for screen resolutions of 640 x 480 (VGA) up to 2560 x 2048 (QSXGA). Brightness and calibration can be individually adjusted, and the touch function can be deactivated for cleaning purposes. The manufacturer has adjusted the licence management such that all of the functions described are contained in the basic version. The expanded PRO version furthermore features an intuitive App concept with self-explanatory symbols and brief informative texts. Its multi-session mode maintains all connections in the background and ensures that the log-on process does not have to be re-started. The licence for the PRO version can be obtained retrospectively at the Thin Client or via the Remote HMI Device Manager.

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