Navigating the “New Normal

May 27, 2020 Hannah BIDEAUX Energy Monitoring

As we start to consider the possibility of returning to aspects of our old routine, we can’t help but wonder if “business as usual” is possible, and for how long.

Companies all over the world have either begun to implement new procedures for employees or are trying to decide the safest options for employees to get back to working in an office. It is often proposed that companies may plan to have shifts, ensuring that employees are not working in common spaces with the same capacity of coworkers as they were before. For others who have been working from home and can continue to do so, it can be challenging to push for companies to encourage those individuals to return to the office.

Even though we are lucky that modern technology has made it possible for some of us to continue our work remotely, it is now important to consider how to mitigate any issues that employees experienced in March when there was very little to no time to prepare for the stay at home order.

For individuals required to go on site in order to manage facilities, remote working proves to be extremely challenging as we have seen many companies struggling to find ways to continue to monitor parameters on site that fear this may not be the end of the stay at home order. While constraints may prevent workers from being able to be on site at all times, there are applications that can combat some of these hurdles and still allow for managers to oversee their facilities. In order to ensure that your employees have the means to do as much of their tasks remotely as possible, we are here to share WEBVIEW; our free webserver embedded in our metering and monitoring products.

SOCOMEC is a world leader in electrical monitoring and offers solutions that empower users to remotely manage their networks. Our plug and play metering and monitoring solutions are easy to use and install with our coveted WEBVIEW embedded products. These products enable users to view trends, live data, alarms and report on electrical parameters that provide vital insights into your facilities operating conditions at any time.

WEBVIEW will guarantee that you have 24/7 access to your data from wherever you are. With easy to view and navigate visualization you can now monitor a variety of loads without having employees visit the site. WEBVIEW also has the capability of automatic trend reporting and will send you email notifications if your parameters are out of your defined range.

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